Thank You Faith! This is a big help :) I appreciate it and will be in touch soon! 
~ Janine 

Thanks so much! I enjoyed my reading and hearing everything you had to say. You're so real with everything you say and I appreciate that. You hit the nail on the head with a lot of stuff and shined a light on some areas I definitely need to work on. 
~ Addi B. 

Thank you so much because what you said was so true!
~ Jelvita  

Thank you wow that reading was very accurate. Your an awesome reader. Thanks again
~ Ashley J 

Thanks for the readings. Spot on with the life purpose reading
~ Samandria 

Thanks faith, I enjoyed this reading. Looks like i'll be having an awesome year
~ Krizia

Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear.
~ Beatrice

Wow, Faith. That was amazing. Thank you sooo much!

I swear your the best!!! 
~ Zulma

I am smiling from ear to ear right now. You have no idea how much weight this lift off my shoulders. Thank you!!
~ Sabrittany

Thank you so much. This is my second reading from you. You were right on with the first one. The second was even more accurate. I'll be back, believe that!
~ Natarsha 

Halfway through this reading I was in tears!! You were on point just like I knew you would be just from watching your general readings!!!
~ Vicky

Thank you for providing clarity and not sugar coating shit- you rock! Resonated perfectly
~ Roxanne