Aquarius Jan 14-20

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Aquarius Jan 14-20

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly. This will be a transformative week for you and you may even spend most of your time being nostalgic about what was. Your angels will be trying to communicate with you this week. You could be seeing angel numbers 111, 555, or 333 in abundance. Don’t be afraid to leave behind things that aren’t working in your life anymore. Some of you may be dealing with other water signs. Scorpio is coming through specifically. This person will be showing back up in your life by Thursday. Are they a changed person like they are claiming to be? For those of you already in a connection then someone is finally having an aha moment or an epiphany and realizing that they have to be better for this relationship to make it 5 years from now. Government or institutions are highlighted this week. Some of you that are in school may be deciding to change your major back to what it was when you first started. Others of you may be deciding to apply or join a new company within the coming 6 weeks. You are meant to be apart of an organization that helps change lives. Rather it be your own organization or someone else’s. Get back to doing a hobby you used to do as a child to help with the overthinking or the out pour of emotions that you’ve been dealing with these last few months. A big change is coming for you in February. Oh and those of you in connections, this is a connection that is bigger than you. It’s meant to last but that doesn’t mean you won’t have trials and tribulations. Keep pushing through. Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio placements are highlighted this week

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